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The HVMP system is a safer, more efficient and less expensive alternative to commercially bottled gases. It is compatible with any nonflammable / noncorrosive gas including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium or carbon dioxide,  


The Vortex is a fully integrated system including an oxygen clean compressor, safety valves cycle timer, heat sensor, gauges and overload protection. When used with oxygen, the Vortex© receives high purity oxygen from linked concentrators which remove nitrogen from ambient room air to produce high purity oxygen at 10 PSI** to the Vortex® compressor which increases the the gas to medium pressure (110 PSI) and then stores it in the oxygen receiver tank. When the tank internal pressure reaches 110 PSI,the compressor will cycle off. As oxygen is consumed the tank pressure will drop to  70 PSI at which time the compressor turns back on to refill the tank with medium pressure oxygen. This cycle continues automatically to provide a constant on-demand source of available oxygen. ** The maximum input pressure is 10 PSI or less so it does not need expensive "boosted" concentrators. We can supply an optional oxygen-compatible 1/4" NPT input regulator to you if you are supplying the oxygen from a boosted concentrator such as our Gladiator 20 PSI model. A user-supplied welding style twin stage regulator attached to the discharge side of the tank reduces the working pressure to whatever level the user needs. The stored oxygen in the cylinder acts as a buffer to provide a constant and consistent flow of oxygen . Since the pressure is maintained at just 16% of that in high pressure tanks it is safer to handle and work with.You will no longer need to pay rent on or haul heavy tanks around. You will never run out of gas again.

[caption id="attachment_16606" align="alignleft" width="488"]Vortex HVMP Diagram of the basic makeup to the Vortex HVMP system.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_16561" align="alignleft" width="397"]Vortex motor diagram. Components to Vortex motor only. Does not show all Vortex internal components.[/caption]


The Vortex® system was engineered by Oxygen Machinery Group. It is not just a compressor but an entire Working with a large Asian manufacturer of industrial oxygen generating plants,The OMG designed the Vortex to be the most affordable and least complicated system available. To keep prices low you can purchase just the Vortex or package it with a 79 gallon oxygen tank and brand new or Evolution 10/10© generators. No mater whether you need to supply a lampworking studio, veterinary clinic or hyperbaric chamber we will work with you at no charge to design the perfect solution for your oxygen needs. This unit is CE certified for safety and durability. Do not compare the Vortex® to the DIY home-brewed units you see on the forums. Our motor has been engineered to withstand the stress of constant on/off duty cycles that will wear out Thomas® compressors quickly.


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  1. The Standard Vortex® package includes the Vortex machine with a one year warranty, a 72" pressure hose, digital user manual and FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA. All other destinations receive a $75 freight credit. These machines are available in both 115VAC (in stock) and 230 VAC (special order) and can be shipped internationally.

When purchased with the Vortex®, you will receive an additional $100 off the current sale price of the brand new Evolution 10/10 oxygen generators. CLICK HERE to view.


MOTOR Pressure CYCLES: On at 70 PSI, Off at 110PSI MAXIMUM LPM: 115                  MAXIMUM PSI: 116          NOMINAL OUTPUT: 45LPM @ 101PSI                  POWER USAGE: 580 Watts @ 110 VAC 60Hz.         COMPRESSOR SPEED: 1650 RPM               NOISE LEVEL : VERY QUIET (41 dBA) WEIGHT: 136 lb.                         DIMENSIONS: 20" L x 20" W x 35" H      OPERATING TEMPURATURE: 41°F to 101°F                               MOTOR AUTOMATIC SHUT DOWN TEMP: 284°F          MOTOR AUTOMATIC RESTART TEMP: 275°F

AVAILABILITY: Availability of this product will vary by demand. Since it is imported directly from the manufacturer, when our warehouse is out it will take 2-4 weeks to replenish our stock. TEXT (801) 949-0575 for a current stock status.

"I sure love my Vortex System! Works quietly and efficiently every single day!" -Marilyn Ure 10/27/2016  [chained_products]