TAG - 025 - Wisteria

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Wisteria was a breakthrough color for the boro palette: a dense opaque purple that is only translucent when thin. Textured rods smooth out in the flame. Like all of the opaque Candy colors, Wisteria prefers a soft, enveloping flame. Its not boily, but it can have some air in the rods. If you put it into an forceful flame when cold, the air rushing to the surface can mimic boil. This is why it is suggested to work slowly and in a bushy soft neutral flame, to allow the occasional larger air bubbles to escape as you work. While many people have great success with these colors, the opaque Candy color line is known to have a slightly higher COE; please test in your application. May perform better under clear than over clear; Wisteria is known to crack or "check" when laid thin over clear and tooled or sculpted.TAG Wisteria-25 is a buttery smooth and very pretty opaque purple glass: WYSIWYG -- what you see is what you get! Rods are approximately 8mm in diameter and 19 inches long with approximately 10 rods per pound.  Sample half rods are 9 inches long.