Northstar - 013 - Amber Purple

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Northstar-13 Amber/Purple:

Of the striking colors in the borosilicate palette the Amber/purples are some of the most exciting. Amber Purple is the first in a series of five Amber/Purple colors. It is well suited for sculpture and moderately thin blown work. The color can produce pale yellows to ambers to a deep purple. To yield the most vibrant purples, work in a hot neutral to slightly oxidizing flame. Reduction will affect the strike causing it to develop a cloudy haze. Try backing amber purple with an opaque white or for a pretty effect. Also backing with sparkle (aventurine) colors creates a very pretty opal-like effect. Rods are approximately 7mm in diameter and 19 inches long with approximately 10-11 rods per pound. Frit is available in size fine  (70 mesh) in 1 and 4  ounce increments. Artist Description by Roger Child -  Work this color in an oxidizing flame to develop shades of purple.  When working this color you will notice a haze that is similar to fog on a mirror.  Burn this haze off as you are working it and super heat the color to the white hot clear stage.  As this color is worked  in the flame you will see it develop through the stages of amber to purple.  When this color is worked in a reducing flame it will develop  a milky amber hue.  This color will continue to develop in the kiln as it goes through the annealing process. Layer this color over white to get beautiful shades of pink and orange.