Respironics - Refurbished - Commercial - Oxygen - Concentrator - 20 PSI - 10 LPM

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The Magnum 10/20 is the perfect oxygen supply for the non-medical user on a budget. 10 liters per minute flow at a maximum 20 PSI pressure. It features either a one or three year parts & labor warranty and free shipping within the continental USA. The Magnum 1020®  10 LPM is the leading remanufactured oxygen concentrator re-engineered for non-medical use. By recycling the outer case and some internal electronic components we are able to modify and improve the compressor and sieve beds to increase the performance from the original 10 PSI to 20 PSI. These units may be easily linked together to produce up to 40 LPM as needed. Our American factory builds each unit one at a time to ensure the highest quality. This machine has been engineered to supply commercial uses including hyperbaric, veterinary, glassblowing, goldsmiths, fish farming and aquariums and anyone else that needs higher pressure oxygen from a reliable less expensive source. 

  • Each Magnum® oxygen concentrator is fully refurbished to order using an Invacore Respironics®' Millennium core. Just as the name implies, the Magnum® is the most durable and hard working machine in this price range on the market.

  • We completely rebuild and upgrade all of the components to meet or exceed the original factory standards into a 10 liter, 20 PSI industrial oxygen workhorse. For example, we use a patented American sourced high pressure sieve to withstand the higher pressure our machines have been modified to. All electrical components are thoroughly evaluated and updated to our demanding standards. The compressor is rebuilt as needed for bearings and valves which are often overlooked in competitors' machines. Once all alterations are made, every machine is bench tested for oxygen purity, discharge pressure and equipment power usage and heat build up.
  • We provide a full 1-year warranty on both the compressor and sieve beds . we offer an optional 3 year warranty for just $100 additional. Through volume buying and the use of experienced technicians we offer the finest concentrator clones on the market backed by the best warranty.

  • Our premium sieve is lithium coated to prevent it from breaking down as we increase the pressure (PSI) of our units to  200% of original manufacturer's specifications. 
  • Due to high demand and tight supplies the Magnum 10/20 oxygen generator has a lead time of 30 days before it will ship.