DeVilbiss -Oxygen Generator 20 PSI 10 LITER

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This DeVilbiss HIGH PRESSURE oxygen concentrator is assembled in the USA and produces 10 liters-per-minute at 20 PSI. It is ideal for use with hyperbaric chambers, glassblowing, veterinary clinics, EMT, fish ponds and aquariums and anywhere that a higher than normal oxygen pressure ins needed. It has a proven record of durability and reliability even in high temperature and high humidity environments.

Typically ships within 3 days from factory free within the continental USA via UPS ground. 


  • Low power consumption of only 639 watts provides utility savings.
  • 3 year FACTORY warranty.
  • ALARMS: high pressure, low/high flow, low oxygen, high gas temperature, and power failure, service required.
  • Alarms do not require a battery.
  • Accommodates up to 50 ft. of tubing.
  • Maintains full purity up to 5,000 ft. elevation. 
  • Delivers 87% to 96% oxygen purity and is compatible with both DeVilbiss and Invacare home transfill systems.



✓ Perfect for Hyperbaric Chambers

This model is high-powered and produces 10 liters/min at 20 psi. This guarantees that your hyperbaric setup will be able to reach 1.5 atmospheres of pressure regardless of your elevation.


✓ Perfect for Glassblowing and Lampworking

If you are serious about your craft, you probably use far more oxygen than the average hobbyist. The DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator produces enough oxygen to keep you torching hours a day.