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The Vortex is a HVMP Oxygen System (High Volume Medium Pressure) that provides a large capacity of oxygen at medium pressure with continuous on demand flow. Ideal for industrial users that have a demand for a large volume of oxygen. The system uses concentrator(s) to produce oxygen from ambient air at a low pressure < 20 PSI which is fed into a special continuos feed compressor that increases the pressure to medium pressure of approximately 100 PSI. This oxygen is channelled into a large pressure vessel that stores it until needed, hence the term “on-demand”. An oxygen regulator is mounted to the tank to reduce the pressure to the needed working level. The compressor is internally regulated so that when pressure in the tank drops to 70 PSI it activates and increases the incoming oxygen to 100 PSI at which point it turns off. The compressor continues to cycle on and off keeping the available oxygen level consistent.

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