Respironics - Millennium - Oxygen - Concentrator - Premium - Filter - Kit - 4 Piece

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Respironics Millennium uses these premium  filter change kits. This Deluxe Kit includes ALL FOUR FILTER TYPES. performance and highest purity these filters should be replaced every 300 to 500 hours depending on how clean the area is where they operate.  When comparing prices please note many kits are only 3 pieces and do not include the antibacterial filter, but this kit does.  If your concentrator looks like the image below this filter kit is what you need. You may have purchased it as a refurbished unit from Extreme Oxygen, Ultimate Oxygen, Available Oxygen, Borofire, Magnum 10/20 or Oxygen Machinery Group, Salt City Glass or others. We guarantee our filter change kits will fit. These filters must be changed every 300 to 500 operating hours in order for your machine to function at peak efficiency. . This kit includes:

(1) pre-filter,

(1) reusable cabinet filter

 (1) antibacterial filter and

(1) primary HEPA filter.