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A Whole New Way To Buy Glass

If you are just starting to build your own inventory of glass or want to add more colors to your collection you know it can be expensive to buy color. In stead of picking colors at random only to find out they are not what you want we have developed a whole new way to buy glass.

 How This Program Saves You Money 

Now, Salt City Glass has created a new program that gets you more boro glass colors for less money.  Simply select only the colors you want from our  selection of hundreds of first quality rods. You can mix any manufacturers and any colors together in order to get a volume discount. To save you even more money, we have cut our sample rods in half lengthwise so that instead of getting only one color in each pound you purchase, now you get twenty to twenty-four different 9″  rods or  in every pound. Or you can get ten to twelve full-length rods per pound. We have already entered all of the Northstar colors and are adding Momka, Glass Alchemy, Parramore, TAG, Asian Glass colors every day so you can combine different brands into the same order. This program is great for beginners that want to experience many different glasses. And each rod is individually tagged with a no-residue label that lists not only the color, but working tips as well. Experts love this program to purchase all of the new releases that everyone on the forums rave about. Belong to a local glass group? Get together and cherry pick your favorite colors and share the volume discount.

Prefer To Get 18″ Full-Length Rods Instead Of Shorter 9″ Samples?

Prefer to get full-length rods? just order two of each sample rod color you want full-length and send us a note in checkout telling us not to cut those rods down. Of course, you can only get half as many 18″ rods per pound as 9″ rods, but sometimes length does matter. Remember, you are in total control when you buy sample rods from Salt City Glass. You control the brands, quantity, colors, lengths and the bulk discount you receive. Each full sample rod counts as two towards your bulk discount.


DragonThe More You Order, The lower Your Price.

You not only control the brands and colors you select , but you control your cost since you receive a volume discount starting at just 10 rods.

  • Buy 10-19 sample rods and receive a 10% discount.
  • Order 20-29 sample rods and earn a 15% discount.
  • Purchase 30-39 rods and you get 20% off our every day low price.
  • Every order of 40 or more sample rods is 25% off every time.
  • Get together with your friends and share an order for the best discount. This is perfect for beginners and newbies or anyone that wants to try out the latest colors.
  • No coupon codes are necessary. All discounts are calculated at checkout.

Click Here To Start Building Your Custom sample Pack

Once you have created your own library of color you can experiment and decide on your favorite colors to buy in larger quantities. We offer great pricing on quantities from single rods to 1/4 pounds, 1/2 pounds and full pounds.